Besides academics – studying and teaching – and internationalization, applied research is one of Hochschule Offenburg’s cornerstones. Through its Institute for Applied Research (IAF), the University has become a local ‘science factor’ and a leading player with regard to the greater Offenburg region’s innovative capacity. Past applied-oriented research works have successfully demonstrated our overarching goal to transfer technology and innovative impulses to the regional industry.

The IAF is Hochschule Offenburg’s central division for research and development projects:

We are the first point of contact for interested companies, public and/or other higher-education institutions as well as external research institutes.

We also support the University’s own research actors in their grant applications, cooperation agreements, utilization of results, and external-funding administration.

We promote knowledge and technology transfer especially in the University’s own research areas, with the IAF being the main administrative agency besides the seven subject-specific institutes and numerous additional research teams.